Prioritizing projects can be a difficult, politically charged process, resulting in a portfolio with mixed support and difficulties in execution. Or, it can be an efficient process creating a shared vision and understanding for your whole team. LeverSource provides tools and an approach to upgrade your process to the latter.

In reality, prioritizing projects is a process. The linked white paper below breaks this process down into eight critical questions every professional needs to be able to answer to arrive at a bulletproof prioritization.

Eight questions found on every prioritization project:

  1. Where should you be focusing your attention given the situation you face?
  2. Which levers give you the biggest bang for the buck in achieving your objectives?
  3. How can these levers be bundled into projects?
  4. What types of resources are needed for these projects to be successful?
  5. What is the cost/benefit/risk estimate for each project?
  6. What priority should these projects be ranked in?
  7. Which projects can we afford to do given our budget and resource constraints? 
  8. What’s the most reasonable roadmap we can agree on?
Read the full whitepaper below:
Building a Prioritization Strategy