Method Overview

Situation Analysis


Break down silos by visually showing how the wants and needs of stakeholders across your organization fit together in one common picture.

No one understands your business better than you. LeverSource harnesses your team’s collective wisdom and combines that with market trends and leading practices to paint a complete picture of your situation.

Creating a common understanding requires a common language. We find the common ground between all of these factors by identifying what must change to increase success.


Immediate stakeholder involvement and a common platform for analysis are the foundations to achieve stakeholder buy-in. This initial data gives us the ability to speak to each person’s concerns, linking the eventual recommendation all the way back to the desired changes they solve.

The only way to break down silos and bring people together in agreement is to get their participation from the beginning. This can be counterproductive unless teams are speaking the same language within an efficiently run process. Minimize time commitments and provide exponential value, using a quick and logical approach for obtaining a shared vision of the situation.

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Leverage Analysis

You can’t implement the entire shared vision of success at once, so we prioritize changes using the concept of leverage to maximize the impact of your resources.

Every change an organization makes has a ripple effect. Understanding these effects to confidently reduce risk and harness momentum is a key focus of our application and approach. Bring seemingly unrelated changes together using an interactive tool we call a leverage map to visually show the prerequisites and downstream impacts of each change your company wants to make.

Use these connections to logically prioritize organizational changes to satisfy dependencies and generate momentum for execution. Generate buy-in by visually showing stakeholders where their input fits in the organization’s big picture and display the path for implementing their desired changes.

A screenshot of our Leverage Map in action. The desired change that’s selected (blue) shows the downstream impacts (green) and prerequisites (red).

Prioritizing stakeholder wants, needs and organizational changes can be a difficult, politically charged process. Or, it can be an efficient process creating a shared vision and understanding for your whole team. This understanding leads to a logical and transparent method for prioritization based on the relationships between desired changes. Use our application to visually and interactively display these relationships, clearly articulate when and why any given change should be addressed, and increase buy-in across the organization.

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Scope Analysis

Plan projects that deliver an immediate impact, generate momentum, and reduce risk by understanding how desired changes are connected.

Planning impactful, low risk projects, requires a clear definition of success and a clear definition of the project scope.

Paint a clear picture of success by linking projects to the changes they implement and identifying downstream requirements by looking at the connections between the desired changes.

Know your risks and nail scope up front by seeing the connections between the changes your projects implement and the rest of the changes taking place in the organization


A screenshot of a project business case with depreciation

Facilitate support by interactively showing stakeholders the desired changes implemented by each project, promoting process transparency, and buy-in.

Collecting feedback is one thing but transforming that insight into an actionable portfolio can be far more difficult. Organizations are seeking an enterprise view of investments, effective project review committees, and impactful capital plans with full organizational support. Understanding the connections between changes in functional silos, triaging their leverage potential, and directly linking projects to these changes provides the foundation for effective enterprise change. This approach gives a consistent, transparent, and compelling answer to the question, why are we doing this project.

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Resource Analysis

Know you have the right resources to execute using our real-time resource optimization tools.

Ensuring projects are appropriately resourced is critical to reduce risk and support seamless execution. Using our intuitive cloud-based application, identify necessary and missing skills needed for project and portfolio execution.

Increase transparency and understanding by using interactive displays of periodic resource requirements by portfolio, project, and function.


Update and maintain resource plans in minutes instead of spending hours in complex spreadsheets. A simple change to resource hours, project start date, or role cascades in real time to keep the plan updated and in sync.

Optimizing resource plans across functional boundaries can be hard. Individuals are pulled in many directions and prioritizing across these boundaries is difficult. This situation leads to a top reason why projects fail, inadequate resourcing. The LeverSource process creates a logical and shared understanding to lay the foundations for resource plans that will be executable. In collaborative meetings test resource scenarios in real time to create a plan optimized for your entire team and get ready for execution.

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Benefit/Cost Analysis

Build bulletproof business cases without an MBA, to support execution funding and approval.

Quickly build consistent financial business cases at the project and portfolio level by answering four simple questions. Our tools enable individuals with little financial experience to build business cases in minutes.

Get buy-in by showing the impact to the business with direct links from the changes a project will implement to the financial benefits received.

Demonstrate project and portfolio value visually thru a variety of graphs, data categories, and financial statistics.

A screenshot of a project business case with depreciation

A screenshot of a project business case with depreciation

Easily update and maintain cases at the project and portfolio level. Changes to costs, benefits, start dates, etc. will automatically sync at the portfolio level and generate new financial statistics in real time.

Sometimes it can take an army and separate funding just to build business cases for approval of the actual project you need to implement. Financial analysts can be required creating a bottleneck in the process, or the work can be spread across your team yielding inconsistent results. To simplify and gain consistency, build on the previous steps in the LeverSource process. Derive financial benefits directly from the changes a project implements and quickly build business cases without the need of an MBA. This accelerates the planning process and provides stakeholders with the data they need to support the overall portfolio.

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Roadmap/Portfolio Analysis

Build a comprehensive transformation playbook to tackle the specifics of your situation.

Building a transparent and logical roadmap is critical for stakeholder support and buy-in. This requires breaking down silos to demonstrate a shared vision and understanding of the organization’s situation.

Structure the portfolio for immediate results, and to build momentum through an understanding of the dependencies between desired changes and projects.


Implement a transformation playbook that is executable based on the specifics of your situation. Use real-time scenario planning to reduce portfolio risk and ensure projects are sequenced for success.

We know that change is constant, so be prepared by using a planning process that is evergreen and easy to maintain.

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