Plan projects that deliver an immediate impact, generate momentum, and reduce risk by understanding how desired changes are connected.

Planning impactful, low risk projects, requires a clear definition of success and a clear definition of the project scope.

Paint a clear picture of success by linking projects to the changes they implement and identifying downstream requirements by looking at the connections between the desired changes.

Know your risks and nail scope up front by seeing the connections between the changes your projects implement and the rest of the changes taking place in the organization

A Leverage Map with a selected Project that highlight’s its associated changes.

Facilitate support by interactively showing stakeholders the desired changes implemented by each project, promoting process transparency, and buy-in.

Collecting feedback is one thing but transforming that insight into an actionable portfolio can be far more difficult. Organizations are seeking an enterprise view of investments, effective project review committees, and impactful capital plans with full organizational support. Understanding the connections between changes in functional silos, triaging their leverage potential, and directly linking projects to these changes provides the foundation for effective enterprise change. This approach gives a consistent, transparent, and compelling answer to the question, why are we doing this project.

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