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A slightly more in-depth look at the LeverSource point of view for some of the questions facing your organization
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Top 3 E-Books of all time

  1. Proving IT Alignment

    All CIO’s hope their IT group is aligned. But hope is not a strategy.

  2. Stop Horse Trading

    Prioritizing projects can be a difficult, politically charged process, resulting in a portfolio with mixed support and difficulties in execution.

  3. Think you could be a Consultant?

    In my 21 years of consulting I’ve had hundreds of client employees ask me about becoming professional consultants. Most conversations stopped after discussing the amount of travel required. Those willing to travel feared they didn’t have deep enough expertise, or expertise applicable to enough potential clients.

Case Studies

Several quick use cases highlighting previous uses of our method and application
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Top 3 Case Studies of all time

  1. Defining success from multiple stakeholders

    An overview of a case where LeverSource was asked to create a single plan based on multiple stakeholder viewpoints.

  2. Boiling the ocean when necessary

    An overview of a case where LeverSource was asked to triage and prioritize over 70 issues facing the organization.

  3. Overcoming organizational inertia

    An overview of a case where LeverSource was used to overcome cultural barriers to change.

White Papers

The LeverSource point of view for numerous situations facing you and your organization
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Top 3 White Papers of all time

  1. The First Nine Days as CIO

    How to generate insight by the end of your second week as the new Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  2. Structuring Insight

    Providing insight is at the heart of what consultants do. The quality of this insight has historically depended on the expertise of the consultant and their tenure on your account.

  3. The First Nine Days as a CFO

    How you can hit the ground running and make a first impression that sets the stage for your continual success.

  4. Filling the gaps in your balanced scorecard

    Even the most perfectly formulated strategy will end up gathering dust on a shelf until your workforce can answer the fundamental question: "What's in it for me?"


A range of videos from concept discussions to using our application to address common challenges
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Top 3 videos of all time

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