Go beyond foundational learning to become your enterprise’s strategic consultant and thought leader. LeverSource Academy empowers you with the knowledge, tools and skills to lead your company into the future.


About LeverSource Academy

Learn from experts with decades of strategy implementation experience. In this three and a half day course, go beyond the foundations to develop an innate understanding of interdependencies within your organization and how those connections can be leveraged to develop a logical and transparent strategic plan.

Gain industry leading insight

  • Breaking down functional silos to get agreement on organization wide plans.
  • Logical initiative prioritization based on building momentum in the organization.
  • Building out plans defensible at an executive and detailed level.

The Academy Difference

  • Learn the “secret sauce” of consulting with a method that was developed over decades of academic research and real-world implementation at industry leading organizations.
  • Become a member of an exclusive group of industry leading professionals who share the designation of Certified Issue Architect®.

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