Portfolio / Capital Planning

Perspectives are great; turning those into a value-driven and realistic portfolio is better

You want what’s best for the organization and so does everyone else. So why is it so hard to put together a portfolio that everyone knows is “best for the company?” This should be the first question we ask ourselves when viewing our portfolio as a whole, but with so many perspectives how do we get agreement on what’s best. What does “best” include anyway? Is this from the standpoint of objectives, finances, risks, or ability to execute?

We have to get concrete and stop talking about abstract topics. We must break these items down into tangible changes we want to see. This sets the foundations for our method and dynamic application. We can drop the cumbersome spreadsheets, endless power points, have actionable conversations and produce a portfolio that will deliver real change and generate momentum in the organization.

  • build

    Build a portfolio that will deliver real change to your organization

  • roadmap

    Be confident in your ability to execute because you have the buy-in of the whole team, have a solid resource plan in place, risks mitigated, and a roadmap that covers dependencies

  • graph

    Know the financial forecast for the portfolio without the stress of multiple spreadsheets

  • arrow

    Quickly optimize the portfolio through the use of our real-time scenario tools

  • knowledge

    Respond to the inevitable change on the fly with our dynamic tools and the knowledge you will have of our repeatable process

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IT Strategic Planning

The complexity of today’s IT environment can’t be tamed by a snapshot in time strategy. So how can strategy be developed on an agile basis and cover all of the facets required? Everything from digital transformation to security, and vendor management to human capital must be considered. Let’s not forget the stressful task of bringing together the priorities of each business unit and contributing to the development of our company’s business strategy. The inevitable change to any one stream or shifting market conditions requires many hours of adjustment to your static plan. A fluid and systems based approach is needed.

Our approach is akin to the “plug and play” development of IT strategy. We collect the requirements of each facet and using our method and tools, produce a shared picture of the entire landscape. We use this picture to find and communicate the logical focus areas. This allows us to avoid the negative perception of presenting “the IT agenda.” As requirements change, we simply drop them in and recalculate the shared picture and logical path forward on the fly. This is certainly just the beginning, but without solid foundations in place, it is an uphill battle to be a collaborative technology leader that champions valuable investments for the organization.

  • leader

    Be a collaborative leader that facilitates valuable investments and mitigates brand risk

  • roadmap

    Get buy-in and elevate perceptions of IT by uniting the many priorities across the organization

  • rally

    Develop shared objectives for the entire IT team to support and rally around

  • business_case

    Stay nimble and quickly respond to changing requirements and conditions

Agile IT strategy, be a transformational leader in any climate

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IT Business Relationship Management

Stop balancing business demand against IT supply and start driving real change!

What is the most important aspect for a business relationship manager to focus on? We’ll give you a hint: it isn’t the supply of your shared service center or the business demand. Focusing solely on these items will leave a relationship manager between a rock and a hard place, balancing policy and capacity against priorities and availability. To help the organization realize value, we must first demonstrate in a concrete way how these activities and different priorities fit together.

Instead of attempting to manage projects, relationships, portfolios, and dispensing strategic advice, we have to decentralize the knowledge of how all of these activities fit together. The LeverSource method can transform sound bites from these various undertakings into a common picture. Creating and communicating this shared understanding is the first step to removing BRM from a rock and a hard place and to elevating the position to innovator and catalyst for change.

  • team

    Position the BRM team to help realize value and drive real change

  • not balance

    Develop a shared strategy by integrating, not balancing competing priorities

  • build

    Build a reputation of trust by delivering messages in a fact based and logical manner

  • table

    Get a seat at the table by delivering immediate value without the overhead

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Targeted Innovation Management

We all know the parable about the person searching for his keys under the streetlight and someone joins offering to help the search. After a few minutes the Good Samaritan asks if he is sure he lost his keys here. The man replies that he lost them around the corner, but he is searching here because this is where the light is. When it comes to innovation, this is a difficult trap to avoid. How can we determine where to innovate for the most impact?

We have to start by taming complexity. The LeverSource method is designed to weed out the noise from the handful of impactful changes that matter to your organization and point out the logical path to success. This path gives a methodical approach and helps to focus our innovation efforts. Innovation is a risk and often fails, but almost never due to a lack of creativity. Finding the right place to innovate is half the battle.

  • start

    Improve your chances of innovation success by finding the right place to start

  • focus

    Identify the clear and logical path to success to keep your innovation efforts focused

  • returns

    Know the viability of your target and if the returns are worth the investment

  • combine

    Expand your focus beyond the obvious by efficiently combining numerous perspectives and ideas

Innovate for impact; shine the spotlight in the right place

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