On a recent client call the topic of getting individuals to expand their sphere of influence surfaced: “I’d really hoped she would have stepped up and driven change without waiting for our permission”

This inability to take charge without being “knighted” has more to do with a missing capability than an individual flaw. 

This missing capability can be summarized as the ability to do:
Agile Strategy Formulation- understanding the context you and your group are in at a granular level and finding the leverage points to effect change.

Most employees have developed a “recipe” for success that is centered on their individual contributions. This works up to a certain level of management but won’t scale when a larger role is required. Basically they have to transition from being the smartest person in the room to this team can solve any problem.

Agile Strategy Formulation structures the dialog between all participants from gathering their individual perspectives to linking their ideas, to surfacing the leverage points that are bundled into projects, with resources, with business cases, that enable a high level portfolio analysis, and finally roadmap generation.

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