Below you will find an overview of a case where LeverSource helped determine which candidate was the best fit for an open executive position.


CIO is retiring.  CFO has two internal candidates to choose from.


Choosing between candidates is difficult enough without worrying about the 2nd place candidate leaving the organization. How this is handled can have a direct impact on morale and turnover.


Interviewed both candidates along with the CFO.  Key question asked was about what changes they thought were necessary moving forward.  Essentially if you were in total control what would you change: increase, decrease, or stablize.  Both candidates were given a blank canvas.   This provided an objective way to measure their suggestions against the CFO’s list of changes to measure alignment. Moreover, which candidate generated the greatest number of suggested changes, what portion of suggested changes truly demonstrated real insight, and what number of suggested changes were cross functional in nature?


Only one suggested change, reducing cost, was mention by everyone (both candidates and the CFO). Of the 33 unique suggested changes 24% overlapped between candidate “A” and the CFO, while candidate “B” only had a 3% in common with the CFO.  Between the candidates, 24% overlapped.  The critical suggestion that addressed the central limiting factor of the organization was surfaced by candidate A and the CFO.


The CFO had hard data to help decide between the candidates.  Moreover the candidates came to the same conclusion after the LeverSource exercise.  Since this was not a turnaround situation candidate A was already more aligned with the CFO. If it were a turnaround situation, candidate B would bring a fresher perspective and would be the better candidate.