Now is an excellent time with the COVID-19 disruption to hit “reset”  on your career and start working for yourself!

I  believe anyone can be taught to help others refresh their business strategies.  Beyond your natural abilities you only need support of a structured approach and software to create deliverables that usually require a team of dedicated resources to produce.

My retirement at age 58 lasted 6 months. Then my wife strongly suggested I find something to occupy my time instead of “helping” her optimize our domestic processes. (Not smart on my part in retrospect!)

I had to do something in consulting because of my background but I wasn’t sure how effective I’d be without having the large support staff I was accustomed to. Then a former colleague offered to quit his consulting job and start our own firm. (A very brave young man!) 

To solve the support staff issue, we created an application that guides you through the process of delivering a professional business strategy project. Fill in the forms by virtually questioning your client and then system will produce the following reports:

  • Executive Summary
  • Roadmap of Projects
  • Prioritized Portfolio Summary with Business Case
  • Project Summary with Scope, Resources and Business Cases
  • Resource Plan
  • Overall “Leverage Map” with pain points and levers linked to Projects
  • Stakeholder List linked to their suggested pain points and levers
  • Pain Point and Lever List describing the situation being faced

We created LeverSource in 2014 and have been going strong ever since.  Beyond individual clients we’ve also helped larger clients like Newell Brands, Amtrak, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Veritiv, Agrium, and Syngenta.

In recent conversations with other folks impacted by the economic downturn it occurred to me there must be a large number of folks needing to find new revenue sources. You can start with using it on your own business, then help others with their strategy refresh. Why not use your network of current contacts to jump start your portfolio of clients?

So don’t just sit there, consult using the LeverSource platform. We’ve got you covered.

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