Below you will find an overview of a case where LeverSource was asked to gain consensus across a large number of experts.

Situation: Global consulting firm wanting to refresh their technology strategy.

Complication: Large numbers of seasoned partners have differing viewpoints. Gaining consensus across large numbers of experts is problematic

:  Held 80 one-on-one interviews with a cross section of the consulting organization, both partners & staff.  In addition to a generic consulting supply chain network reference document to spur idea generation, each was asked to complete the sentence: “This strategy initiative will be successful if <blank> increases/decreases/stabilizes” The group surfaced 85 unique suggestions.  Using the LeverSource method each suggestion was analyzed against all other suggestions resulting in 7,140 comparisons.

This analysis yielded the following insights:
  • 52 of the 85 suggestions were low leverage in nature
  • 15 were outcomes that could not be directly influenced but formed the basis for a tailored executive dashboard
  • 13 were high leverage and should be the key components of an implementation roadmap
  • 5 were strategic limitations to the growth and the stability of the organization
Leverage: Of the 5 strategic limitations, “Increasing Decision Support” was the central limiting issue.  This was supported by the fact that increasing the effectiveness of available client facing time can be a major growth enabler with a fixed number of consultants.

: The firm’s executive committee agreed with the recommendations based on the overwhelming level of involvement and due diligence. A five year roadmap was approved for investment and execution.