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What is LeverSource?

A prioritization and consensus building method and application. Or more simply we help:

  1. Collect the needs of your team
  2. Determine the right things to work on
  3. Communicate why they are the right things
  4. Get feedback and buy-in for the path forward

These solutions fit many places, but some of our key use cases are:

  • Capital Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Annual Planning

  • Product Prioritization

  • Feature Prioritization

How We Do It

  • Start speaking the same language

  • Find the connections

  • Sequence for momentum

  • Build consensus

  • What do we want to change?

  • What are the dependencies and downstream impacts between these changes?

  • Prioritize based on connections and other optional criteria ($’s, Resource plans, Risks, etc.)

  • Use visual tools to interactively demonstrate the logic behind each decision.

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  • Break Down Silos

    Leave the politics at the door. Show the desired changes from each stakeholder in one shared picture of success.

  • Logical Prioritization

    Prioritize for impact and to build momentum for change. Visually see the dependencies between desired changes and projects to reach a logical outcome.

  • Buy-in for Execution

    Seeing is believing. Show each stakeholder how and when their concerns are addressed. Try a few scenarios to find the optimal execution plan for your organization.

  • Evergreen and repeatable

    Static planning is ineffective. Our dynamic approach allows you to quickly respond to change and repeatedly deliver logical results.


  • Leverage Analysis

    Transparently separate the noise from the handful of actionable items that will quickly make an impact and build momentum.

  • Resource Planning

    Optimize resources and eliminate conflicts across silos using our leverage analysis and an understanding of skill and knowledge requirements.

  • Easy Business Cases

    Quickly understand the financial impact of your projects and portfolio by answering four easy questions.

  • Roadmap generation

    Use visual and interactive tools to generate a roadmap for execution based on project leverage, dependencies, resources, and optimal financial return.


“It is illogical to argue with the outcome of this method”

Gregory Greene
EVP & CAO, Ryder System

“LeverSource Academy demonstrated the power of the method and application, while providing deeper insights into how to develop and execute a strategy based on the needs of the organization.”

Larry Krupa
President – Transcend Executive Advisors

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