“The world is not run by those who are right.
It is run by those who can convince others that they are right”

-Jamshid Gharajedaghi

Convincing others is the first hurdle to getting things done. You might think just stating your salient points should be sufficient, then you summarize with the statement— “so in the grand scheme of things <blank> is most important.”

Mic drops.

But what seems like a coherent picture to you is actually a pile of barely sorted facts in your audience’s mind. It’s just like the arcade game where you drop a quarter on a moving ledge of money hoping it causes those coins teetering on the edge drop.  They never do.

To successfully convince others you need to go beyond listing your points and show how they are actually related like the transformation shown in the next two pictures.

Pile of facts:

Facts sorted by leverage:

Having this picture showing dependencies works if the number of points are limited. But most real-world scenarios have a least 30 justification points at play (some have hundreds). With this many points to consider the overall picture is too confusing. It’s easier to sort them by leverage then allow your audience to navigate through them like the leverage map shown below.

The LeverSource product enables you to:

  • enter a multitude of points to justify your proposals
  • connect them together where there are dependencies
  • navigate through the connections
  • produce an automated executive summary report

So, stop trying to convince others with a pile of facts and build a picture of the grand scheme of things that one recent executive called “illogical to argue against.”

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Don Frazier Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
LeverSource LLC