Build bulletproof business cases without an MBA, to support execution funding and approval.

Quickly build consistent financial business cases at the project and portfolio level by answering four simple questions. Our tools enable individuals with little financial experience to build business cases in minutes.

Get buy-in by showing the impact to the business with direct links from the changes a project will implement to the financial benefits received.

A screenshot of a project business case with depreciation

Demonstrate project and portfolio value visually thru a variety of graphs, data categories, and financial statistics.

Easily update and maintain cases at the project and portfolio level. Changes to costs, benefits, start dates, etc. will automatically sync at the portfolio level and generate new financial statistics in real time.

Sometimes it can take an army and separate funding just to build business cases for approval of the actual project you need to implement. Financial analysts can be required creating a bottleneck in the process, or the work can be spread across your team yielding inconsistent results. To simplify and gain consistency, build on the previous steps in the LeverSource process. Derive financial benefits directly from the changes a project implements and quickly build business cases without the need of an MBA. This accelerates the planning process and provides stakeholders with the data they need to support the overall portfolio.

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