You can’t implement the entire shared vision of success at once, so we prioritize changes using the concept of leverage to maximize the impact of your resources.

Every change an organization makes has a ripple effect. Understanding these effects to confidently reduce risk and harness momentum is a key focus of our application and approach. Bring seemingly unrelated changes together using an interactive tool we call a leverage map to visually show the prerequisites and downstream impacts of each change your company wants to make.

Use these connections to logically prioritize organizational changes to satisfy dependencies and generate momentum for execution. Generate buy-in by visually showing stakeholders where their input fits in the organization’s big picture and display the path for implementing their desired changes.

Leverage Map

A screenshot of our Leverage Map in action. The desired change that’s selected (blue) shows the downstream impacts (green) and prerequisites (red).

Prioritizing stakeholder wants, needs and organizational changes can be a difficult, politically charged process. Or, it can be an efficient process creating a shared vision and understanding for your whole team. This understanding leads to a logical and transparent method for prioritization based on the relationships between desired changes. Use our application to visually and interactively display these relationships, clearly articulate when and why any given change should be addressed, and increase buy-in across the organization.

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