This week yet another CIO ask me “How can I make my IT team more proactive?” I offered the following talking points for his team:
  1. Based on feedback from the management team we need to up our game and become more proactive
  2. By proactive I mean answering the right questions before the business even ask them
  3. So what are the “right questions?”
    • Here are my top-of-mind suggestions: -“What is our Information Strategy?” (Beyond SAP, Analytics…) -“What is our Cloud Strategy?” (Public, Private, Hybrid…) -“What is our Shared Service Strategy?” (In-source, outsourced, remain the same…) etc…
  4. To assure consistency and depth, each of you will be using our LeverSource method and tool to formulate these strategies. To help jumpstart this work, we will have a dedicated resource from LeverSource on-site to help drive the process.
So let’s get proactive.